Where Do I Start?

The first question we usually hear is, “I have never done this before – where do I start”?

Where Do I Start? Portland Commercial Construction

When people come to us they usually don’t know what they need, because they have never gone through a construction process before.

When professional clients want to expand their practice, our first responsibility is to help them understand what they need to build out a suite, buy a building or build from the ground up.

We help put together the key people they need to make those decisions and get started down the right path.

  • A bank so they can finance the project (their current bank may not specialize in the type of loan they need)
  • A realtor to find the new building or property
  • The contractor to give them pricing for the project (that would be us)
  • A designer to help them put together plans and permit documents

Most people don’t know where to start and it seems overwhelming and scary to them. We don’t tell them to come back when they have it figured out – we guide them through each step of the process so they do not have a frustrating experience, but a successful build that will serve them well for years to come.