Solving a Maintenance Crisis Leads to More Work

Solving a Maintenance Crisis Leads to More Work

Clients often need a new piece of equipment or a new hot water heater, so PCC does a lot of maintenance work. Owner Kurt McLaughlin shared this recent client crisis:

Yesterday we put in a high-efficiency hot water heater one of our clients had purchased from a big box store. After we installed it we found it was a defective unit. A board had failed on this Wi-Fi enhanced, computer-monitored water heater.

We called the 800 number and were told, “Those units have a known problem.” Even though we did not provide the water heater and the problem was not our responsibility, we believe it is our job to work through our clients’ problems with them.

We communicated with the manufacturer to get replacement parts here at 3 o’clock tomorrow so this medical practice can have the hot water it needs as soon as possible. When FedEx arrives tomorrow afternoon, we will immediately go to their building and install the replacement parts to get the unit up and running.

They are doctors, so fixing a water heater is not something they know how to do or want to learn how to do. They rely on us to take care of it for them so they can keep doing what they do best.

Doing business with this mindset to help our clients has its rewards. Halfway through the process they realized that we cared about them and had the kind of work ethic they respected – a willingness to do the small stuff as well is the big stuff. Because our mindset was to do what we needed to do to keep them going and happy, they decided to talk to us about their expansion.

They realized we were a good fit for all their needs, both maintenance and construction, so they described their desire to add two more operatories. We’ll be glad to help them with this need as they move forward on their project.