Services Overview for Medical and Dental

The services offered at Portland Commercial Construction are geared to fit all of your needs. We specialize in managing all aspects of your project from conception to completion. We bring your project to life with ideas you may not have considered.

Our vast resume of successful projects, in multiple jurisdictions, helps assure an experienced and predictable process. Offering small firm attention with big firm experience, we can assist you with everything from finding your space or land to providing due diligence on the new location to helping with space planning, design, permitting, and building your project.

Our Medical-Dental Specialties:

Collaboration / Consulting

Attentive collaboration with our clients and design consultants is the key to our extensive resume of quality, cost-efficient projects.  Managing and building new commercial environments, renovating commercial buildings and building tenant improvements is the core of our business.  While we prefer to be involved at inception, we are perfectly comfortable reviewing your completed drawings and providing feedback, advice and construction estimates.

Construction Maintenance

We are proud to have Portland Commercial Maintenance provide any and all service and maintenance work, all with one call.

  • Development
  • Occupied Medical & Dental Construction
  • New Construction

  • Construction Management

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Building Maintenance

We Use the Latest Methods and Technologies

Although we are experienced in both general and medical-specific construction, we are a relatively young company. Everything in construction is based on ‘old and experienced’, but you’ll notice that nothing in construction is built the way it was 20 years ago. So we do not let ourselves be hindered by preconceived ideas. We are passionate about learning, creating and enveloping new technologies and new ways for the medical and dental fields.

It is not about how it’s always been done – it’s about what works best for you
It’s about helping you figure out what you need, then building what you need

Looking for the Best and Least Expensive Way

Just because you are used to building something a certain way and it has worked doesn’t mean it’s the best or the least expensive way to do it.

Is a Universal Building the Best?

By working on a project from conception, we can determine whether or not an industry specific building or a more universal building is best for you. An option to consider is a building incorporating small retail spaces, so the lease income from those spaces helps you pay for your building costs.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any issues or requests for your medical or dental project.

We are all about exploring all the options, narrowing them down and making the best project at the best price.