From: Cheryl Young
Recommendation Letter for: Portland Commercial Construction

I have used Portland Commercial Construction for two tenant improvement projects recently and several other smaller projects.

  • I find them to be courteous, responsive, and very professional.
  • They are timely in looking at the work that needs to be performed and producing an estimate, and their pricing has been very competitive.
  • Their outstanding communication and follow up is refreshing and truly sets them apart from other contractors.
  • I appreciate their “get it done” attitude and how thorough they are in everything they do.
  • They are personable and friendly, and know how to work in occupied spaces while still allowing the occupant to conduct business.
  • They have always completed their scope of work on time and on budget, and regularly exceed our expectations.

I would highly recommend Portland Commercial Construction and am happy to serve as a reference should there be any questions.

From: Derek Youngblood DMD, Evergreen Family Dentistry
Recommendation Letter for: Kurt McLaughlin

In the fall of 2013 I employed a general contractor construction company for the remodel of my
practice. Thankfully, Kurt McLaughlin was introduced to me as the project manager. I presented him
with no easy task. I needed to double the working space within my office on a miniscule budget without
forcing me to close business for even one day. I could continue detailing the significant hurtles I placed
intentionally and unintentionally and how he overcame them, but I won’t. Instead, please allow me this
opportunity to convey to you (Kurt’s) character…

Over the years I have had the pleasure and pain of employing many people. What I have
learned, through a lot of first-hand experience, is the characteristics of an individual that I want to
represent me and my company.

  • I need that person to always be confident, but honest when they don’t know the answer…
  • Punctuality and haste, in addition to competence, are without a doubt mandated.
  • Furthermore, communication, both in terms of conveying an understanding of the importance of the situation for the client and ability to articulate the nuances of what is being done from technical jargon to laymen’s terms.
  • All of these characteristics can be achieved individually, but they come to a culmination when an employee is truly invested in their client’s success.

If you are reading this then you have had the great opportunity to meet a gentleman that has embodied all of these characteristics.

Again, I could give you page after page of anecdotal stories that show this, but instead let me say that as an employer I seek out people like him.

From: Brandon Schwindt, practice and building owner, Kona Kids – Dr. Brandon’s Dentistry for Children and Teens
Recommendation Letter for: Kurt McLaughlin

With great confidence, I strongly recommend Kurt McLaughlin… I had the good fortune of working with Kurt extensively while building my dental office that was completed in 2013.

This complex project required coordinating an architect, interior designer and a dental equipment company.

Several dental specific construction companies refused to even bid on such a complex project that involved a tear down of an existing structure and ground up construction while navigating the city’s new environmental tree requirements.

Kurt worked diligently and communicated effectively to support a seamless project that ran both on time and on budget, a rare and commendable accomplishment for a seven figure project.

Following completion of the build out, Kurt continued to provide excellent support by consulting with the signage companies and addressing small warranty issues in a timely matter.

The success of any project depends largely on a great leader that has the ability to assemble a team to work effectively towards a common goal, and Kurt’s effort in this is commendable.

Again, I highly recommend Kurt McLaughlin…

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